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Grace Legote of South Africa, Rhythmic Gymnastics

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I can kind if see why people would get pissed at Anna. She was madddd claiming to be a world champion as well but seriously, I could wear a Leo and not compete. Like I'm actually world class at that. Where's my medal? I think she was a strange choice as alternate. I've got a weird unexplained bias against her, don't know why, but I always found that annoying






Yeah but even so, she was a HUGE motivator for those girls. Like, she basically unofficially replaced Alicia as team captain even though I think Aly replaced her in name…Anna was like the team mom Alicia usually was, and was HUGE moral support to all of them. I don’t think anyone screamed louder. John Geddert said she was the heart and soul of that team which is why he was basically offended when they gave Alicia the medal over her and kept Alicia as ‘team member’ and Anna as ‘alternate.’ How is Alicia any more deserving of a medal when she legit wasn’t even in the country when they won it? Anna deserved a medal for her spirit and INCREDIBLE sportsmanship. I think if I were there and being told I wasn’t gonna compete, I’d be pretty upset, but she was like WHATEVER and became their biggest cheerleader. Her saying she was a world champion was no more annoying than Alicia calling herself one, and actually getting to say she has 10 World medals because of it.

I can’t believe you would say Anna deserves the medal more than Alicia… Really? After everything that Alicia has done for team USA? Anna was in NCAA before she became elite, I think she should be lucky she got to travel to worlds with the team. I don’t deny Anna’s bar skills but I mean c’mon, Alicia is far more deserving, especially with the career she had. Alicia put her heart and sole into team USA.

I didn’t say Anna is better at being pro-USA than Alicia (though tbh I’ll get to this in a minute but Alicia is like, the least pro-team person I know, hahaha…Alicia is pro-Alicia). Also, last time I checked, you don’t get medals for putting your heart and soul* into your nation. You get them by competing at a specific competition. Pretty much anyone who has ever competed for USA Gym’s WAG program put their hearts and souls into the program - hello, Chellsie Memmel competing bars as her shoulder was being ripped from its socket? and damaging her personal gains from the sport to help the team? - but that doesn’t mean they get a Worlds medal every year. Because by that logic, the 2011 Worlds medal should have also gone to Memmel. And if past achievements and support determine who gets medals, then I think Kim Zmeskal should have gotten the medal since she once did a really great job at Worlds 20 years earlier. That argument makes literally zero sense. And not to shit on Alicia, because she’s awesome, but last time I checked, she had some of the worst sportsmanship in the U.S., like when her 15-year-old teammate earned a higher score than her on FX in 2007 event finals and Alicia pouted and acted like a bitch to her for the rest of her life. Alicia was anything but a team player the majority of the time, and while I really supported her comeback and was one of her biggest cheerleaders and would scream about her talent and fierceness for hours on end, the last thing I would call her is a team player. Alicia came first, the team came second. She was always jealous of someone about something, which I saw up close and personal many many many times between 2010 and 2012, and so to pretend she was this huge I <3 USA!!! supporter is hilarious. Oh, and she also stormed out of the arena after the 2012 team was named and refused to congratulate any of the girls that made it because she was having such a fit about not being named. She was 24 at the time and the girls who made it were 16-18. So sweet and supportive of Team USA! Aly should have been forced to give her one of her golds. Meanwhile, all Anna talked about in her interviews was how proud she was of the other girls. But none of this MATTERS for the 2011 World medal because YOU DON’T GET A WORLD MEDAL BASED ON ANYTHING BUT WORLDS.

Also, what does it matter that Anna was in NCAA before she did elite, lol? Alicia was also in NCAA before fully committing to elite. Who cares? That has nothing to do with 2011 Worlds. AGAIN: nothing has anything to do with the 2011 Worlds team competition OUTSIDE of the actual 2011 Worlds team competition. It’s a tricky spot for both Anna and Alicia because neither of them competed, so which one do you award the medal to? The one who was physically there in a leotard at 2011 Worlds as the team’s cheerleader, ready to step in on UB/BB if they needed her? Or the one having surgery while they competed? Not that this is Alicia’s fault, of course, but the one who contributed more to that team final was Anna Li, with her spirit and sportsmanship. Every single coach there with that team said Anna deserved the medal, and they were pissed that she didn’t get it. But USAG wanted Alicia to have it. I mean, it sucks that there weren’t two medals so they could each get one, because it IS a tricky situation, but based on what Anna did during the team final vs what Alicia did during the team final? It should have gone to Anna. 

Or Spanny should have some of Gabby’s medal.



Seeing as i haven’t trained properly for 6 weeks because of injury i think today’s competition went pretty well!


gabby could donate every last penny of her endorsement money to charity and people on the gymternet would be like “OH SO SHE’S DIVERTING HER FUNDS INTO CHARITY TO AVOID PAYING GYM BILLS NOW??? WHAT A FAME-HUNGRY SCHEMING BITCH, I HOPE NO GYM ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET TAKES HER”

has it been figured out whats up with victoria moors?


Commonwealth games podium training: Canada & England



literally I don’t understand. why does everyone have this massive hateboner for Gabby? what did Gabby ever do to anyone? she’s clearly going through a transitional phase, nobody’s 100% innocent in anything obviously but why does everything have to be like “SHE’S TRYING TO USURP THE GYMNASTS, SHE WANTS ALL THE GLORY FOR HERSELF” actually tho calm the f down.

She needed a gym, she picked a gym. She looked at a bunch of gyms and chose one that she thought would suit her best. If she’d stayed in retirement y’all’d still be complaining about how fake she is for doing all the media stuff, but when she gets back into training all you can talk about is how she’s stealing coaches from the ‘actual’ gymnasts.

jesus christ though what the fuck is you peoples’ fucking problem?


ok let’s make something clear. It is totally ok to talk about Gabby’s gym change. It is ok to discuss if this gym is good for her, if it’s beneficial for her to train with an other talented elite gymnast or if it is beneficial for Nia Dennis to train alongsie the olympic AA champion. Everyone can have different opinions about that and everyone is allowed to share those opinions in a respectful way. BUT if you actually go to Nia’s personal page and tell her that Gabby will spoil everything and steal her coaches from her even if she said she’s happy to train with Gabby YOU ARE THE ONE CREATING DRAMA AND NEGATIVITY AND YOU NEED TO FUCKING STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE


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