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"It's definitely the closest thing to flying."

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2014 USA Gymnastics World Championships Team (x)
Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Madison Kocian
Alyssa Baumann
Ashton Locklear
Mykayla Skinner
Madison Desch

Alternate will be decided prior to the competition. Brenna Dowell will be the non-traveling alternate.

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2014 USA Women's World Gymnastics Team || click photos for HD

Biles, Ross Lead U.S. World Championships Team 


The US World Championship Team has been named! What do you think of the choices?


aimee: simone im leaving the gym for FIVE minutes pls dont do anything crazy 

simone: … *does standing double backs* *practices pommel horse routines* *does splits on trees* *throws triple twisting double backs onto concrete* *presses the red button in the white house* *falls down 30 flights of stairs* *does a TTY while taking a selfie mid flight* *smashes the patriarchy* *isolates the higgs boson* 

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any other news on how everyone did at camp?


Right now just that on day two they only had to do two events and basically everyone but Skinner/Biles did UB/BB. Kyla, Simone, and Mykayla are all locked in as actual team members but they’re having a tough time deciding between Ashton, Madison K, Brenna, and Alyssa for the next three spots and alternate. So the team I put in my post is likely right…I’m betting they’ll wait until podium training to decide for real.


finally i have a reason to use this picture


finally i have a reason to use this picture


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Before it all went wrong and I fell doing a simple split jump. This is when mom says ”A routine isn’t over when you’re done with the hard part”

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